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Across York and North Yorkshire Trevor Lund Chimney Sweep has the knowledge and expertise to safely clean and carryout repairs, whenever there is a problem with your chimney, flue or solid fuel heating appliance, and to put your mind at rest throughout the heating season.

The build-up of soot or other blockages caused by collapse and nesting birds within your chimney has the potential to harm you and your family: deadly combustible gases can build up if the chimney flue is not serviced regularly.

Inadequate servicing of fire solid fuel appliances can lead to further problems and require the flue(s) to be re-swept more frequently than is necessary. Your appliance will operate inefficiently wasting fuel and layering the flue lining with soot and tar.

A fire or stove with a partially blocked flue will increase the possibility for fumes to escape into your home with disastrous consequences which, if left to collect, can end in chimney fires with potentially devastating effects for your home and property.

Trevor is a retired Fire Safety Officer with 30 years experience of fighting fires, seeing and dealing with the problems of fire in property, and investigating the causes.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Trevor Lund as your chimney sweep:

    • He is a Master Member of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps
    • He has 30 years experience in the fire and fire safety industry
    • MSc Degree qualified fire safety specialist
    • £5,000,000 public liability cover
    • Nationally recognised certificate of sweeping issued for every flue or chimney serviced
    • Camera inspection available with either photo or video available to support a comprehensive written report

Chimneys should be swept at least once a year. Specifically when using solid fuels, wood or gas, however if the appliance is the main source of heating it may be necessary to sweep the flue more often.

What Our Customers Say…..

Very impressed with the service today, Trevor was meticulous and professional. Many thanks.