Trevor Lund (MSc, M.I.Mgt, E)

Trevor Lund Firefighter is now Trevor Lund Chimney Sweep.

With over 30 years of experience in the Fire industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise into the chimney sweep business.

After becoming an engineer in Sheffield, Trevor joined the fire service in 1983 and in a career spanning 30 years serving as Operational Officer at Selby and Scarborough, through to Group Manager for Richmond and Craven in the Yorkshire Dales. As lead officer for Technical and Community Fire Safety in North Yorkshire, Trevor oversaw a series of successful prosecutions in fire safety law in the County.

Trevor’s ‘specialism’ during his fire service career was fire investigation. He developed the F.I. team in North Yorkshire and later as a founder member of the Regional Fire Investigation team was responsible for assisting the Police in the investigation of fire crimes across the whole of Yorkshire and Humberside.

So whether he’s cleaning your chimney or fitting a stove, Trevor always puts safety first.

Chimney Sweep

Trevor has considerable experience to draw upon when giving advice to customers on all aspects of fire safety in the home.  This is particularly true during the and the maintenance of open fires and stoves. Trevor has a mechanical and practical side to his many other skills and enjoys the restoration of cars, (well anything really).

This wealth of knowledge and experience is put to good use. when dealing with the many problems that flues and fire places can exhibit when performing poorly. His experiences in fire fighting and fire investigation make him the ideal candidate to sort out such problems. It is useful to remember that he has often had to deal with fires which have been the result of poor servicing in flues and chimneys.