I offer a Closed Circuit Television (or CCTV) inspection service for clients who need to identify to cause of faults in their appliance flues. The CCTV camera can often clearly identify the cause of blockages and faults in the flue liner which can often help in identifying the most cost effective remedy within the available budget. The Service includes an option to have copies of still or video footage, together with a written report on the findings of the inspection. The report and the images can aid the client in understanding what they are facing in terms of repair and restoration.

The Equipment

At TLCS, I  use the RodTech camera system as it is very small and able to fit into virtually any sized flue pipe. The camera system consists of a portable 5-inch DVR which provides the customer with with a high resolution images(s) and live views of problems found within the flue, a high capacity 3200mAh rechargeable Li-battery provides extended long working time and an option to use wireless or wired cameras, the CCTV system can take, review and store pictures and copy them to any device that can read an SD card.