Chimneys should be swept regularly, at least once a year in normal circumstances, but the frequency can need to be increased depending on how often you use the appliance, how long you burn fuel for and of course the type of fuel. Generally it is recommended that for smokeless coal, wood or gas fires, the chimney is swept once a year and for Bituminous Coal fires twice a year.

Sweeping St Leonard's Place, York

Regular cleaning and servicing of the appliance and the flue ensures that you will reduce the potential risk to your family and your property.

I carry over 17 different brushes in three different ‘hardness’s’  and several different types of rod  as it is important to use the most appropriate tools to ensure at no damage is done to the flue or the liner the larger rods are used to support brushes through to 60 feet high.

“It is not just a case of connecting a brush to a few rods and sweeping a flue often many metres tall, it can require a surprising amount of skill or ‘feel’ to understand what the brush is ‘doing’ to prevent damage to the liner. I carry over 20 brushes of various diameters and hardness to deal with all the different types of chimneys met during the day”.

Every flue is swept twice and smoke tested to check for leaks and a CCTV system is available to photograph or video the flue lining as part of a full survey where problems are more difficult to understand. Where fires appear to have occurred in a chimney the examination can extend to a full Independent fire investigation by a degree qualified fire investigator with 30 years experience in the fire and fire safety industry.

A Nationally recognised Certificate of Chimney Sweeping is issued for all flues cleaned and a short report on faults and general comments on the condition and performance of the flue and appliance is recorded. More detailed and comprehensive reports are produced to support insurance claims or other case files.

The historical buildings in and around the York area can pose a challenge and this is why Trevor has 17 different brushes of different strengths. This allows him to use the correct rods for different chimney linings.

All jobs will be priced on an individual basis after discussion with the customer but please use the following as a guide: the service includes the double sweep of the flue and a ADJ Smoke Test II, and a Nationally recognised Certificate of Sweeping with a brief report on the condition of the appliance and flue.

Open fireplace  – from £58 per fire
Multifuel/Woodburning/Biomass – from £60
Other repairs are priced at £56 per hour plus parts.